ColourPop x Harry Potter Collection... Yer a Disappointment, ColourPop

ColourPop has made the deeply upsetting decision to release a collection in collaboration with Harry Potter in the year of 2022, years after its creator and author JK Rowling has made comments/written things that indicate that she is transphobic, racist, anti-Semitic, ableist, appropriative, and fatphobic (and probably some other -ists at this point) and that she will use her platform, her money, her power, and her influence to spew forth her vile rhetoric.

For those who have managed to not have heard about JK Rowling’s commitment to anti-trans “radical” feminism, resulting in her often being called a TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), and in circles that may support JK Rowling’s beliefs, you may see the term “gender critical” feminist floating around, I’ll briefly recap and provide links to other outlets that have covered previously. You can jump to this recap first before reading on, whether you need a refresher or don’t know about it at all yet.

There are a lot of concerned customers who expressed similar feelings of disappointment, betrayal, and just general confusion how a brand that claims to support the LGBTQIA+ community would then release this collection. Here is ColourPop’s response to one of the many comments:

Thank you for your comment. It is our continued commitment at ColourPop to always foster a community of acceptance, love, inclusivity and support. This release is our most highly requested (it has been asked for almost weekly by our community!) and as you know, we are here to create magic for you all by listening, and responding to, what our community dreams of. We are also here to support and uplift this community.

Acceptance, inclusivity, and love for all is our biggest priority and that will never change. We are releasing this collection to bring the magic of the Wizarding World to everyone – and like everything we do, it was designed with love, for all. We will always support the LGBTQIA communities through all avenues available to us and will continue to make donations to organizations and charities while remaining committed to providing a platform for LGBTQIA community members via paid partnerships and more. — Source: ColourPop’s Instagram

I am reminded a lot of how MAC x Rodarte’s collection unraveled. MAC initially issued a soft statement and apology due to the initial round of backlash, which then ratcheted up to committing to donate $100K and renaming the products, and then they ended up pulling the entire collection from being released due to continued backlash.

Here, ColourPop has offered what feels like a fluffy bit of nothing that doesn’t truly address the concerns and then manages to use other customers as shields by putting the “blame” of this collection on them for requesting it so highly. Their reply doesn’t even really acknowledge the core issue (the series’ author’s anti-trans activism).

If “Acceptance, inclusivity, and love for all is [their] biggest priority and that will never change,” then this collection doesn’t live up to those values at all. It actively flies in the face of what ColourPop says they stand for. JK Rowling has forever tarnished the world of Harry Potter; as the creator but also someone who financially benefits from the franchise, and is then using her financial means to support ways to push her transphobic views.

ColourPop could have just as readily created a magic and wizard-inspired collection, neither of which are exclusive to Harry Potter, without needing it to be in collaboration with any property or franchise, and more obviously, there are other series that are set in magical worlds out there. ColourPop can say the right thing like, “We will always support the LGBTQIA communities through all avenues available to us,” and then dismiss the many comments (which seemed to outnumber the ones in support of the collection, followed by critical comments garnering 100s of likes) by the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. You just can’t have it both ways.

I feel like if ColourPop truly wanted to show that they value all of their customers with full support, love, and acceptance, they would not have greenlit this collection in the first place. Some might argue that donating all profits would salvage the disappointing decision, but it is merely a small, saving-face step in light of backlash. The best case that I can see would be donating would-be profits or some explicit number to organizations actively supporting trans people, no longer releasing the collection, and an actual apology acknowledging their failure to live up to self-stated core values.

Similarly, this collection reminded me of the NARS x Guy Bourdin collection, which was a collection that made me deeply uncomfortable and I ended up writing a lengthy commentary on why I decided not to review it but still provided swatches (and dupes). This was also an area where some saw things through more of an artistic lens, and with the Harry Potter fandom, obviously many people have worked through or may still be working through coming to terms with just how much JK Rowling has ruined what was a big part of childhood for many folks.

Whether one can still enjoy the art of a person who has made clear their views or character are at odds with your own values and character is a debate for another time, but at a minimum, we have to acknowledge the flaws of the artist when discussing, engaging, or otherwise supporting in their art. Especially in this instance where the artist/creator wields an extraordinary level of wealth, power, and access to utilizing those resources for harm.

In the spirit of Harry Potter, I say to ColourPop, “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy,” because, “It is our choices, ColourPop, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” After all, “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

My Personal Commitment

I will not be reviewing or swatching the ColourPop x Harry Potter collection. I will also donate any commission earned from the use of my code/links on Harry Potter collection items to the Trevor Project.

Update 9/12, 8:15AM PT: As promised, I have donated all commission I’ve earned from sales of the ColourPop x Harry Potter collection to the Trevor Project. From 9/8 to 9/11/2022, commission earned was $2,198.40. I donated this amount and then opted to cover the processing fees associated, which is why the total amount is $2,242.37. Please see below for a screenshot of my receipt after donating online.

I will do another calculation of any commission earned after the close of this month (or any subsequent months, so long as it is being sold) as I expect the bulk of sales have already occurred.

The collection seems to be selling quite slowly, especially for the “most highly requested” collaboration. As it should. Interestingly enough, though, this is more commission than I’d normally see for a collab launch, so I think there were many people trying to offset their purchases by using a code that was going to donate as a few other IG accounts told their followers to use my code!

JK Rowling is Anti-Trans: A Primer

GLAAD’s Accountability Project has an ongoing profile for JK Rowling that keeps track of “anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions.” Vox published a timeline of JK Rowling’s transphobia, which is a good starting place, followed by a very deep dive into how the Wizarding World has failed to improve on expanding and improving its inclusivity over and over again as more facts have come to light or additional text written.

JK Rowling has a massive Twitter following and routinely engages with critics who have nowhere near the power she wields. There were inklings of the transphobic rhetoric to come, but it really came across in a tweet from December 2019, then followed up by another transphobic tweet in June 2020, which was immediately followed by a long essay that doubled-, tripled-, and quadrupled-downed on being anti-trans. Her essay was rife with anti-trans dog whistles (this is an excellent takedown of the essay). She has since published new novels (outside of the Harry Potter world) that continue to espouse her transphobic views (and the newest one, promoted in August of this year, is apparently ablelist, too).

Major stars from the Harry Potter movie franchise, like Daniel Radcliffe, swiftly spoke out and condemned JK Rowling’s anti-trans tweets. When HBO aired a retrospective to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first film’s release, JK Rowling was only featured in archived content but did not appear otherwise in this special.

As Vox noted, TERFs “oppose the self-definition of trans people” at its core, and in their worldview, this results in TERFs treating “trans women as predators, trans men as victims of the patriarchy,” and often erasing or mocking non-binary people.

Jay Hulme, who is a transgender performance poet, speaker, and educator, wrote on trans men: “There is another aspect to the way transphobes treat trans men which is altogether more uncomfortable, and that is what I like to call the “butch lesbian fallacy” … There is an idea, in transphobic circles, that trans men are all confused butch lesbians,” and Hulme expands on this further (well-worth reading the entire post), “They speak of trans men as a “loss”, as if they were sexually entitled to us, and as if they have been wronged by us becoming sexually unavailable to them through self awareness, acceptance, and transition … At the heart of all of this is a desire among transphobes to control trans men. They obsess over our surgeries, our ages, and our presentations. The prospect of a trans man exercising his right to bodily autonomy horrifies them.”

The transgender community needs our collective support as the percentages of transgender individuals who have seriously considered suicide in the past year remains high (48% and higher) and have had a lack of access to mental healthcare (when over 71% of transgender women and men experience symptoms of anxiety) are high. When transgender individuals feel supported and affirmed, they have lower rates of attempting suicide. All statistics are from The Trevor Project’s 2022 survey.


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Jess Avatar

I signed in after going dark for months just to say BRAVO, Christine. I imagine some of your readers will criticize you, saying that they’re “here for makeup and not politics,” but makeup, just like everything else in life, IS political, and only those with great privilege can pretend otherwise. Thank you for using your platform in this way. 💗

Meghan Avatar

I read Harry Potter and I can understand the attachment to it, but at this point HP fans have to realize they can’t have it both ways. They can’t say “trans rights!!” and then immediately ask people if they’re in Hufflepuff. Aside from all the notable behavior already listed, she’s also proven time and time again just how mean and nasty she can be, punching down from her literal castle tower with alarming speed.m. And really HP was never that good, it was just sort of enjoyable and wildly popular. I can only hope her cruelty will help people realize this and find more worthy authors to elevate/celebrate, and brands start to realize there’s no value in associating themselves with such a horrible person.

Denise S. Avatar

If I had any idea of JK Rowlings beliefs I wouldn’t have brought all her books for my twins when the were young. We also went to all of the Harry Potter movies.Her views on transpersons and her lack of inclusivity for people who are different than herself are ignorant and dangerous to an already marginalized group of people. I won’t be supporting anymore of her products. Surprised and let down that Colourpop would continue to sell her merchandise.

R Avatar

Thanks so much for posting this and speaking up on this issue! The beauty community is heavily LGBTQIA influenced and draws so much from our aesthetics, this really feels like a slap in the face. I so appreciate you bringing a light to this with your thoughtful commentary.

Colin Avatar

Thank you so much Christine. As a Chicanx trans non-binary person I am deeply hurt by Colourpop and probably won’t buy from them again. Your post and vocal support means the world in a beauty community that often seems to only care about money vs ethics and it’s members.

Vikki Avatar

Ironically, it was growing up reading the HP books that taught me about equality no matter how different people are so it was super disappointing and upsetting to see that JKR turned out to be a transphobic herself. I would LOVE this collection years before but now I hesitate when it comes to HP stuff now since she’s pocketing a big portion of the copyrights. ColourPop x HP is a collab that I’ve been waiting for for years. 🙁

Jake Avatar

Thank you, Christine. As a massive fan of Harry Potter growing up, I’ve felt so lost and strange over the past several years as Rowling continues to assert her exclusionary beliefs—and it’s been both unsettling and confusing reconciling with these feelings while others profess their love for the series in light of these developments. It always makes think, “do they know about Rowling as a person? Do they not care? Have they wrote Rowling out of the story while they cherish memories and experiences created by a work of fiction and its fandom rather than the author?” The articles you linked here were great reads and some of the articles linked within, on topics like separating the art from the artist, were also thought-provoking. I still have difficulty juggling my love and memories of this series with my own feelings of hurt as a queer, jewish adult who tries to be an ally for others as well. But seeing you take such a strong stance for all the right reasons makes me proud and thankful.

Ana Maria Avatar

As born and raised in Europe (and the Eastern side, things are a little bit different in the West) I still have my issues with what people call derogatory “wokeness”, with being too politically correct and not being able to separate the artist from the art. I learned a lot in the past years, especially from people who like Christine who express this type of viewpoints so well; I accept the criticism that comes with some of my opinions, but they are mine.

I love Harry Potter universe for what it means to me. The books (along others) saved me from a dark place in highschool. Truth be told, I never actually liked JKR, it’s one of those people I just find unappealing for some unknown reason. I still believe that art, artists and person are separate entities.
But in this case we are not talking about a racist close minded man who died 200 years ago and his art is free of royalty (doesn’t benefit him or his descendants). We are talking about a woman who has a direct financial benefit from her art. Which might not be an issue if she just spent her money on herself… but she chooses to support with her voice and money the ideas that are controversial.

Still want to enjoy the Harry Potter universe? Just don’t buy new books. They are free to read with Amazon Prime if you choose to support with your toilet paper and diapers subscription another controversial person. Or buy them second hand.
Or just try to find a magic series written by a local small writer who actually needs your support. Don’t know one? Try visiting a small mom’s and pop’s book store (if Amazon didn’t put them out of business yet), they’ll know a few.

Or even better, volunteer to a youth LGBTQIA shelter and provide guidance for the many children and teenagers who don’t have a home because their parents share some of JKRs views.

But before commenting on Internet complaining about ColourPop, send them an email, leave them a message on Instagram or whatever. Maybe also ask them to start a recycling program through Terracycle to divert tons of palettes from the landfill.

Buying a ColourPop palette or not won’t solve a big deal. JKR will continue to make millions; ColourPop will continue to indirectly fill our landfills with pigments, plastic and metal; even the most aware person buys at least 5-10% of things from someone they would find morally faulty. But standing your ground and letting companies they are wrong, especially when you have a voice, might change something; maybe not the company, maybe not the world, but at least someone random on the internet.

Vanilla Avatar

Thank you so much, Christine! Your stance on this may get you some angry comments, but it honestly means a lot to trans people like me to see more widespread support happening. Many people are still willing to turn their heads and support Harry Potter, despite what they know. I love(d) Harry Potter too, but we cannot just keep piling money into the hands of someone who uses their voice and influence for such harmful purposes. What started as an “oopsie” tweet has escalated into a full-on downpour of bigotry. JK Rowling is beyond educating. She is willfully encouraging hatred with every tweet. She isn’t just opinionated. What she’s doing is downright dangerous and needs to be treated as such.
We all have the power to use our voices (and dollars) to support what we know is right and to make a difference. Thank you!

Christine Avatar

Yep, it’s not one-off, it wasn’t taken out of context, it has only… gotten worse, and she is an exceptional figure in the sense that she has an incredibly large platform and voice but even larger wealth that probably will never go away, so she has power and money in a way most artists/authors do not have.

miss.mercurial Avatar

Love that you use your platform for this! I still actively enjoy the fandom of Harry Potter but won’t give a penny to anything she’ll eventually profit from. Part of that enjoyment is finding others who are aware of what’s problematic about the series past and present (there is a great essay about how there is implicit racism and you can’t just “color in” Hermione as black… case in point being that the castle never! serves! curry! I can link it in a reply later if anyone is interested). As you’ve said, the creator vs. creation debate is a thorny one, but I have too many precious memories and connections based on that series to let an old white lady with issues ruin that for me.

I’d actually considered buying from the 30% off sale this weekend but this was a great reminder that I could spend my money more wisely and don’t need to get the kind of product I was eyeing fom them

Genevieve Avatar

Sometimes when cosmetic brands decide to do collaborations, they really don’t think beyond the dollar signs about the implications of those collaborations – as we have witnessed from Nars + Boudin, MAC + Rodarte etc. This is a big mistake from CP, for all the excellent reasons you have listed above Christine.

Yamile Avatar

100% agree with you ,enough is enough with all the brands supporting all this !!! They can be giving this collection for free and I’ll still won’t be getting any .There is so many other creator that they can be using and they choose to pick JK sorry but is not ok .

Penny Avatar

Christine you are truly an inspiration….I 100% agree with all your comments and will no longer support anything Color Pop…..there are so many wonderful beauty brands out there to choose from I’m sure I will not miss them at all……….

Sam Avatar

It’s a deeply difficult thing for the people who are lgbtqia+, who grew up loving Harry Potter, only to have she who must not be named ruin everything. It was a place where… we could escape when the world around us was too much. There’s an excellent video by James Somerton on YouTube that explains that some trans people refuse to let jk ruin that for them. It’s kinda like, can we seperate Harry Potter from the creator/should we.

Please don’t read that as me supporting her. I fully agree with boycotting the product and think it’s a beautiful thing to donate to the Trevor project. I just wish that… colourpop could not be blinded by the idea of fast money at a hp collection when they were just done slapping rainbows everywhere, saying they cared about the lgbtqia+

Sols Avatar

Part of the issue with trying to separate HP from its creator is that transphobia isn’t the only issue with JKR, and some of the problems are baked into the setting. Even if we say “the transphobe JKR didn’t create this wonder for us”, we have to acknowledge the fatphobia, antisemitism, racism, Asian stereotyping, Irish stereotyping, etc. that exists within the text itself.

Moxie Avatar

Thanks for this post. A lot of people will avoid social justice topics to avoid upsetting a section of their reader base, but wrong is wrong and hate is hate.

I know that people will buy this collection regardless, and probably make excuses for it. I hope the momentary pleasure it brings makes up for their indirect transphobia.

Katie Avatar

Just here to say that I’ve been a loyal reader for a decade now, and this is why I keep coming back. I love your reviews, but your integrity is even more important to me. Thank you for taking this stand.

Nancy T Avatar

Thankfully, neither my two now grown children and I have ever subscribed to the Harry Potter franchise or anything else from JKR due to our stance against anything so overtly spiritistic/occult in theme. Therefore, this is not even a collection I would ever be interested in. Also, something about her always just felt “off”. Perhaps it’s because our family is multi-racial, and none of her characters reflected cultural or racial differences? I don’t know. She obviously has a lot of hate in her heart.

Stacey Avatar

JK needs to be financially cut off from the HP universe. As a longtime HP fan, it isn’t so simple to completely cut the universe off. HP permeates pop culture in so many deep-rooted ways. Harry Potter fans should be able to be excited for a collab like this and not feel guilty for being interested in it. As long as JK Rowling is financially gaining from all things Harry Potter, fans are put in the impossible position of wanting to support their fellow humans and stand for equality, but then being heartbroken having to turn their backs on a world they’ve loved since childhood.

I appreciate your stance but I don’t think it’s so black and white for a lot of people. My first instinct was a childlike excitement before following up the feeling with more complicated ones. Hopefully Colourpop does the right thing and donates ALL proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Christine Avatar

Just to clarify, I don’t think it’s black and white at all. I have had my own personal struggle figuring out how to reconcile enjoying Harry Potter movies (and I own merchandise as well) and what JK Rowling has come to stand for, so I definitely appreciate that for some, it’s a process of grieving to let go at all, that some will support HP while denouncing its author, etc. In 2019, I decided to try not to contribute to her financially by buying anything else (just enjoy what I already owned), and then in 2020 when it just got worse, then I decided I didn’t feel comfortable talking about HP on my platforms at all (like using a quote or using this tray I have of the Marauder’s Map as a product background). I have the sorting hat and Mellan wore that as a sorta-costume once Halloween, and I love those photos, and the last time I re-posted, I made sure to have a note about JKR. But in 2022, it’s just become harder for me personally to separate her from HP; it’s like knowing how gross her views are just hangs in the background no matter what.

One of the sadder aspects about the fandom being so broken-hearted is just how many LGBTQIA+ people felt like they found acceptance THROUGH their journey with the books and the world of HP.

I wish it was easy for them to cut JKR out financially but I fear that is nigh on impossible.

polishedhippy Avatar

I mean, it will happen eventually, as copyright expires in 100 years in the US, with continual extensions thanks to lobbying by Disney to keep Mickey Mouse covered … While her stance on trans people came to light relatively recently, the blatant negative Jewish stereotypes were wild and out there from day one and can’t be separated from the “artist” so to speak by removing her financially. I rarely have seen anyone other than Jewish people comment on them, but they are pretty much the European equivalent toward Jews of Black-face minstrelsy toward African-Americans in the US. As a person of Jewish heritage, and descendent of two generations of Jews killed in the Holocaust, I was aware of them, but left to shrug, because ultimately there was nothing to be done about it. She has her billions and plenty of people feel okay about her viewpoints and actions. It is a valiant effort to pressure corporations to “do the right thing” and not promote these viewpoints, but personally feel much more strongly about (and reserve my limited energy for) going out and voting against politicians who have these views. Corporations are going to continue to do unethical things, but they are not the ones who can take away our rights, imprison, or murder us.

Maggie Avatar

I really appreciate you invoking the “spirit of Harry Potter” and reminding fans and Colourpop “the choice between what is right and what is easy.” It’s a reminder that there are ways to celebrate that love of the HP universe and the lessons it taught us without marginalizing the peoples Colourpop claims to support.

Sarah Avatar

Thank you for posting this, Christine, and being such a wonderful ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. I grew up with Harry Potter, went to every midnight book/movie release, reread the books countless times, etc., and am still coming to terms with the fact that the author of one of my favorite book series is such a terrible person (although I guess it’s not THAT hard since I’ve literally seen the disgusting things she’s said). Please continue to stand up for what is right — you always have, which is one of the reasons I’ve been such a long-time reader. 💚

CharHannon9 Avatar

Very well said, and thank you for speaking out. I loved LOVED HP, but like you said, can’t have it both ways. I won’t put another penny in the pocket of such a blatantly hateful woman. She has been given ample chances to learn and grow, and is not interested. I will be boycotting the brand.

Hannah Avatar

Thank you for taking such a strong and well-researched stance, Christine! I remember reading Harry Potter as a Jewish preteen, recognizing the obvious antisemitic characters (that in both appearance and behavior were identical to the antisemitic caricatures that I had just seen when I went to the Holocaust Museum for the first time in middle school), and feeling lost and confused because the series was so widely beloved. It gave me the message that this sort of antisemitism was okay even today.

Rowling as gone on to make her noxious and hateful views front and center of her personal brand and her writing. She continues to spread hate to this day, towards the groups that are least resourced and most vulnerable, like trans people. Big brands have no excuse for continuing to put money in her pocket. Passing off blame to the “fans” is even more cowardly and disingenuous. Shame on Colourpop.

Bec Avatar

Thank you for speaking up! It’s so important, now more than ever as trans rights are under attack everywhere! I’m glad people like you exist.

Helene Avatar

I have never read any of her tweets, but I have read about them. I found that enough and will not add to
the number of times the post has been read, nor would I follow her on any social media.
I want to thank you Christine for this post. It was well informed and impactful. I’m saving the links for a later date.
I will not support CP by buying this collection, nor will I buy from them for foreseeable future.

Jenny Avatar

Thank you so much Christine! I really appreciate your stance. As someone who was about as obsessed with Harry Potter as anyone could be, JKR’s disgusting behavior has been really difficult to reckon with. Thank you for taking a stand against her hateful rhetoric and the companies putting more money in her pocket.

Jadyn Avatar

I haven’t commented on a post in literal years, but i need to applaud you. I do not understand the trans experience, but people i love do — and i cannot actively support someone who wants to harm them. Your voice is important in this space. Thank you, again.

Mariah Gem Avatar

It’s always cool to know someone I have followed for years and is the best place to go to see what makeup REALLY looks like is also such a good person! I didn’t know your stance on anything other than makeup/perfume, but I appreciate you taking a stand at this. I’m glad, I also will not be purchasing from that collection, and it really makes me think twice about ColourPop.

Stephanie G Avatar

Thank you Christine! Very well said!
I also collect American Girl dolls, and we’re going through the same thing in that collector community – AG just released a Harry Potter collab. It’s really disappointing.

Melissa Avatar

First, thank you for being a powerful voice on this, I am hoping more content creators follow your lead (I have seen a few so far but hopefully more will speak out closer to the release). Second, I will be curious to see if Ulta stocks this collection… their tagged post on IG states “Hate has no home here”, so we will see if they stand by that or only see dollar signs. They liked the CP post of the reveal, so I don’t have high hopes. (Sorry if I missed if you had mentioned that already, I tried to search and didn’t see anything noted yet.)

Michelle M Avatar

I really wish there was a way to separate JKR from what she’s created. Harry Potter means too much too many people for them to be asked to denounce it all. For many of these people, HP is exactly what helped them through tough childhoods and bullying because of their identities. To expect them to choose between what’s right and what’s literally been their life raft.. that’s not fair. That’s, dare I say it, traumatizing. What can be done, in that case? There’s little chance that she’s not benefiting from something like this collab. CP already has a contract with her, but what they could do is donate all of their cut to charities, even if she gets to keep hers.

Alicia Avatar

Thank you so much for using your platform to speak out against JKR’s cruelty! I used to adore HP, but now after all these vile things that came out, the magical mystery tour is over for me. It doesn’t make sense for companies that claim to be inclusive to decide to collaborate/honor a TERF.

Debbie Avatar

I adore the stories and the movies, HP came out when I was an adult but I still wish I could have gone to Hogwarts. But I don’t buy any merch after JKR came out as gross a few years ago. I buy a lot of Colourpop, but this was such an insult that they collabed with HP I guess I’m done with CP.
(Also the more I think the more I realize they are like fast fashion, putting out too much & always want you to buy the same thing over and over)

*If you are wanting it, buy used merch & books or borrow from the library.

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