Survey Says... January 24th, 2024

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment.

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • How often do you wash your brushes?
  • Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home?
  • Last product you finished?


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Rhonda Avatar

How often do you wash your brushes? LOL, eyeshadow brushes–often, because I change colors. Foundation brushes, maybe once a month, because I don’t use them much until I switch to MAC Studio Fix Powder in the summer, then 2-3 times a week. Blush brushes: Not bloody often enough
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Normally, yes.
Last product you finished? Urban Decay Laced eyeshadow (discontinued) I have a love/hate relationship with them. Every product I adore, they have either not offered as a single shade (Booty call) or discontinued.

Mariella Avatar

It’s not just UD – so many companies have discontinued my very favourite items. Clarins got rid of entire lip gloss and lipstick formulas, a wonderful “reviving” eye cream, cleansers, a throat cream and a few toners. UD had wonderful blushes and highlighters which are GONE and MAC – don’t get me started on why MAC discontinued some of their BEST stuff (Copperplate, Blanc Type and Typographic eyeshadows and a bunch of the Extra Dimension shadows, Craving lipstick….I could go on and on). I don’t understand why companies do this.

CL Avatar

I think I know at least two reasons for things being discontinued: 1. cost of ingredients, 2. lack of sales. Also, the word “new” is one of the most important advertising words.

Mariella Avatar

So happy to see a new thread here – you can’t imagine how much I miss this place.

Your skin tone/coloring: pale, cool
How often do you wash your brushes? it varies and only when I really feel they need it (my concealer brushes get washed the most, followed by eyeshadow brushes; blush and face brushes far less often)
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Most of the time, I do because those are the times I can play around and experiment with shadows more than if I’m going to work or out for dinner, etc.
Last product you finished? Probably Embryolisse face moisturizer. It’s probably my most repurchased product.

Mariella Avatar

It’s pretty much my every day daytime moisturizer, which is why I go through it so much. I really like it and find it effective and mild. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy ingredients or “actives” (I still don’t know what those are, to be honest) I usually top it with a sunscreen of some sort.

Genevieve Avatar

I really miss this place too Mariella – it is/was my ‘happy’ place. In particular I miss the Friday Finds and Weekend Plans to see what everyone is up to.
I decided to purchase theEmbryolisse face moisturizer., another one of your recommendations that I am very happy to try. I just have to finish my current daytime moisturiser to try it out. It was on sale in the after Christmas sales and I just couldn’t resist!

Mariella Avatar

Oh, I do so hope you like it, Genevieve. And getting it on sale – BONUS!!!

I know what you mean about the Friday Finds. It was reading about everyone’s weekend plans or other things going on in their lives, both good and bad, that made me feel I sort of “knew” the people who posted here regularly. Add to that the fact that I imagine most of us don’t have others in our lives who share our interest in (obsession with?) makeup and skin care and that just made this a great place to share with other like-minded makeup lovers. So this newest thread – it just made me so happy to see it.

Mariella Avatar

Quick question, G….you recommended a book/author to me and I’m pretty sure I purchased an audio book by her but going through my “library” (that’s what Audible calls it), I’m not sure who the author is. Was it Anni Taylor????

Mariella Avatar

Thank you! I just bought it (I’d put it in my “Wish List” so when I looked up her name, there it was)! And I’ll make a note (a hand written one – the only way I seem able to keep track of things) of her name, so I can add more!

brendacr1 Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: pink undertones/light coloring/hazel eyes/dark brown hair
How often do you wash your brushes? Usually once a month, I don’t put on a full face of makeup every day.
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? No. After years of wearing makeup to work every day I now take the dog out for his walk with just sunscreen on;
Last product you finished? Beauty Bio the Pout Sparkling Rose Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Plumping Lip Serum (I don’t know why they make such long names for these things!)

Cara Avatar

1. Porcelain with cool undertone (aka: glow in the dark)
2. Typically every other week or so. About 98% are natural hair (and not inexpensive) so I want to preserve them for as long as possible but I admit to buying (many) extras of my favorites so I don’t have to wash as often. Yes, this is the epitome of laziness!
3. I very rarely wear makeup if it’s just me or me and my bf at home but if there’s a chance of visitors, I’ll put some on; usually concealer if needed, blush, mascara and tinted lip balm/oil or sheer gloss.
4. The last beauty product I finished was a 500ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio but the last makeup product was either mascara (Diorshow or Chanel Inimitable) or Shape Tape

Debbie Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light With a Neutral under tone and some pink
How often do you wash your brushes? Twice a week I shampoo my hair, and my brushes. I also use the Sigma Switch for in between cleanings.
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Of course I do…you never know when a fireman might need to rescue you…
Last product you finished? Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in Marshmallow, and two old Sephora lipsticks from when the color band matched the lipstick shade.

Mary Avatar

Let’s see. My skin is light/medium. I clean my brushes after each use and heavens knows, I’ve got a ton. I just finished using Lancome’s shadow in Drama, a victim of discontinuation. It’s actually a felony. With regard to “makeup at home,” that answer is usually, yes. I would never go out without makeup since I have to sneak up on my makeup as it is.

Deborah S. Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name.
How often do you wash your brushes? Never
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? It is about 50/50. I do apply makeup most days if only a lite, natural makeup but a lot of the time I am interested in playing with makeup and so I apply it regardless of what I am doing.
Last product you finished? Technically it would be a skin care product which is the Tru Alchemy Retinol Reset and I am trying to decide if I want to repurchase. As for makeup products it would be MAC Fix + and MAC Nightmoth lip pencil. I usually go through one MAC Nightmoth lip pencil a year. I use it for lip lining but also as a blush adding it to other blushes to change the shade. I love the combo of Nightmoth and Perfume of His Gaze lippie..

Ana Maria Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with yellow undertones, dark warm brown hair and eyes

How often do you wash your brushes? Every 7-10 days, depending how many days I use makeup and what brushes I use

Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Yes, if I’m working from home; wearing makeup is my mental transition to work mode

Last product you finished? Paula’s Choice Replenishing Body Cream

Helene Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Above, grey green eyes, hair, still undecided and very short.
How often do you wash your brushes? I don’t have a time table but wash them when needed. Brushes used with liquid or cream foundations every other day.
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Sometimes, not as often recently as I didn’t like doing makeup when I didn’t have lashes and eyebrows, both are now coming back, just when I had actually managed to draw my brows in various fun and good looking fashions. I’m happy to see the return of my lashes, I must say even though they are still short.

Last product you finished? CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

Monika Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair to light, neutral to cool, mousy hair, grey/green eyes
How often do you wash your brushes? once a month
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? most definitely yes
Last product you finished? Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose

Celesta Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: above with freckles, green eyes, brown hair.

How often do you wash your brushes? Not often enough! usually when all my face brushes feel grimy.

Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? I do… I find that it helps me stay motivated if I get ready for the day.

Last product you finished? UD Primer Potion.

Katalin Avatar

How often do you wash your brushes? Foundation brush and setting powder brush 2-3 times a month. Otherwise breakouts remind me about the passing time. Eyeshadow, blush, bronzer brushes once in a blue moon.
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Yes. Applying makeup is very relaxing.
Last product you finished? Bobbi Brown foundation and ABH brow pencil.

Christina D. Avatar

How often do you wash your brushes? Very often, no more than two uses and I wash them. Besides that I don’t want any build-up of products, oils, bacteria, etc. near my eyes and face, I also don’t want cross-contamination between products and colors.
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Sometimes, whether I want to take the opportunity the play with makeup, or I have a video call.
Last product you finished? Ulta’s matte eyeshadow primer.

Zia Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: above
How often do you wash your brushes? I’m very inconsistent about washing them, sometimes it’s like twice a month which is pretty good lol
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? If I have time to play with makeup that day
Last product you finished? a Yensa lip oil

Genevieve Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

How often do you wash your brushes? Mostly every fortnight or so. I have eyeshadow brushes for particular shades – a ‘gold’ brush, a ‘green brush’, a browbone brush etc so that my eyeshadows don’t end up getting muddy and that helps.

Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Absolutely I do! I may not put on mascara, but everything else I do because you never know what the day will bring.

Last product you finished? A tube of my beloved Maybelline’s Spice For Me lipstick – but luckily I have many backups.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve, in case you miss it, I asked you a question further up about an author you recommended to me. Was it Anni Taylor? I’m pretty sure I purchased an audio book based on your recommendation (sort of like you buying the Embryolisse!) but now I can’t recall the author’s name.

Red Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: super fair & cool
How often do you wash your brushes? Mini wash daily (cinema secrets brush cleaner) and a full wash ever couple months or so; when the mini wash doesn’t look decent anymore
Do you wear makeup if you’re just staying home? Yup.
Last product you finished? Skin care- Keyes Soul Care serum
Makeup – elf brow pencil

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