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Kay Avatar

Um when they have a collection make it available to everyone. The twilight collection sold out in one min because they REFUSE to put a cap on how much people can order. Now the collection is on ebay for 300 bucks. Epic fail on their oart.

Patricia Avatar

I AGREE! I came here to say that I wish they would increase their inventory so that I can actually purchase the items that I desire. The limited-supply approach doesn’t make sense to me with their reasonable retail prices. I’m an accountant, and I can’t understand how they could believe that their current approach makes business sense.

Deborah S. Avatar

Given that I want to reduce my makeup purchases and nothing has wowed me at ColourPop since I started looking again, I doubt that there is anything they could do that would really get me to buy. I would like to see fewer releases and more attention to the details of their releases. You can’t fault them for covering a lot of shades and different finishes but because they release so much and so frequently, there are so many shades and products that overlap and when you do find something you like, it is gone. I do appreciate that many of their products are smaller in size as I have actually finished lippies and a couple of SSS which I can’t remember another brand that I have finished a product from, outside of skin care.

Genevieve Avatar

Definitely less collabs with various themes and just less overall too…
I would love them to bring back their old formula for the Lux Lipstick range – that was the best.
I think CP has released eyeshadows in every single shade colour there is possible….perhaps the next one could be an all shimmer one (no pet glitter though).

Jo Avatar

I think it would be fun for them to bring back/re-release old, discontinued colors of Super Shocks and palettes like they did when they collaborated with you, Christine. Bring back palettes like “Good Sport” for a limited time, with their best formulas. That would be exciting for people, I think.

Carla N. Avatar

I agree.
And I’d also love to see pressed-powder eyeliners, lip stains, and – well, you just can’t have too many Lux lipsticks! 😃
I’m also 100% on board with fewer collaborations, fewer limited editions, and please, no more “permanent” products that abruptly vanish, only to ever be found on eBay at scalpers’ prices.

Adri Avatar

I really miss their satin finish super shock shadows in neutral colours. They perform really well, are forgiving to my lid texture, make a great base for other powdered shadows etc. I really wish they brought these back as a part of their core collection, shades like “acorn” and “truth” were ones I would buy and re-buy all over again. For me, a shadow stick is not equivalent because I don’t like the tugging at my thin fragile lid skin.

I honestly think Colourpop would be wise to bring some of these old favourites back, to maintain the affection of their early customers. Otherwise, customers risk become disheartened by the near-constant change. I like the new hotness as much as anyone, but not having a reliable source for loyal favourites is a lot of heartbreak for the buyers!

Jenny McDougall Avatar

I would love for them to restock some requested palettes from previous collections that other collectors missed. They can have a poll on their site or even on Instagram and asks us what we would like them to restock on for a limited time so I can get the rest of the palettes I have missed like the Its Magicx palette I have been looking everywhere.

katie Avatar

I would like to see a truly functioning Inglot Duraline/MUFE Aqua Seal type product that could be used to revive dried-up cream products, mix with pigments/creams/supershocks to make them into truly waterproof liquid and cream products like eye-liners, bases, eye paints, etc. Duraline and AquaSeal are so hard to source, expensive, and imitators are often lacking in quality. I also think the idea can be improved on with innovations in formula and it could open a door for the company to move into the area of professional artistry even if it weren’t marketed that way.
I would seriously like to see them remove perfume and aroma from their lip products and skincare, or at least make a strong push of at least one lane of truly Sensitive Skin skincare. I think that would be truly successful and unbeatable if they keep the price point frugal. But definitely make a move to make at least one line of unscented lip products. I currently just don’t buy lips from them because I know I will always choose something else.
Unscented mineral sunscreen. And well thought through. Currently, most companies offering sunscreen offer it as a base layer, but it must be reapplied every two hours or less if one is sweating. No one reapplies their full face every 2 hours. Then there are Mineral Powder SPF’s but the delivery systems are poor, formulas too cakey or drying to reapply every 90 minutes and the skin tones can be limited in selection. If they could do a moisturizing light mineral SPF powder or spray, or both, that would be incredible!!
I’d also like to see them start to formulate palettes that are 100% eye-safe by USA standards and move away from their current formulas for pressed glitters. I think consumers are growing tired of buying a 9-pan palette where 5 or the shades are Hail Mary’s at not having an allergic reaction or scratching a cornea.
And as always, pearl finishes, lavender and purple blushes, and truly waterproof and long-lasting eyeliners, khôls, and pencils!

Pandora Avatar

I don’t use any of their core products regularly (as in foundation/powder/mascara) but I’m still a sucker for collecting the Super Shocks, so even though I’m on a very low buy, I’m always up for those. They should bring back the old Satin and Pearlised finishes though – and *multichromes* would be amazing. I really don’t think much of their current liquid or jelly multichromes – they’re very patchy – but some old colours like Half Light or Flying Circus were gorge.

Carla N. Avatar

I’d like to see more matte neutral shades offered in their SuperShock eyeshadow line.
I just know a dark brown would make an absolutely *killer* liner!
I also want lip stains.

Kris Avatar

I’d like some of the more popular eyeshadows from all the palettes come in singles ( permanently ! I’m sorry! I get overwhelmed with too many palettes with 3 colors I wear!!!!!! Also? Some great lipstick with shimmer…new funky and basic colors! Even may I say metals again?!!

Erin Avatar

*Apologies for the incoherent mess, my brain was going faster than I could type or even keep up with, so normally I’d delete this, but what the heck*

A LONG time ago they made they contour and highlight stix that were about the size of their lippie stix (kinda like Kim Ks were) while the formula wasn’t spot on, I wish they had worked on it and re released it..
Also, FIX YOUR CREME EYELINERS! they arrive dried up 50% of the time, snap and crumble, you can’t warm them up on the back of your hand because they WILL snap and all will fall out.. also please find a way to keep your lip liners themselves from falling out of the pencil, and the lids aren’t secure enough IMHO and have come off and liner popped out, causing a mess in a large makeup bag (just glad it was in one)

OKAY, ENOUGH NEGATIVE NANCY. I hope they keep focused on quality (not quantity) and expand instead of shrinking their cream product selection as a whole (I love their cream highlighters and back when all they sold were a few liquid lippies and 4 or 5 highlighters, that’s what I really fell in love with, Lunch Money, Hippo, and Monster was my first purchase along with Alyssa Liquid Lip I think), also keep putting out the cream shadows (can’t remember the exact name and can’t be bothered to walk down the hall to check, it’s 545am) ESPECIALLY mattes (idk if it still is the case, but there’s only been 1 matte shade of them for years, a mauve-ish color) I love the shimmery and glittery ones, but I’d love some mattes to lay down below them.
Also, I’d love to see a small focus on single shadows, perhaps releasing them in bundles that are cohesive so it’s still easy for someone newer or not so new, to go, ok these shades go with these, but I don’t want all 12, only these 5 and this champagne shade…

IDK clearly just a bunch of shower thoughts thrown into a jumbled reply…

Cil Avatar

I’d like to see more cool products. I love the stone cold fox eyeshadow palette. I’d like them to drop dimethicone in some eyeshadows because I am allergic to it (wishful thinking but hey! Can a girl dream?).

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